Please have a look at our fact sheets for more information on these services.

  • Portable digital X-ray and ultrasound  - For lameness investigations and breeding examinations.
  • Endoscopy - For respiratory tract examination.
  • Dentistry – New equipment and the advantage of the use of sedation allows us to give a thorough investigation and treatment, including wolf teeth removal.
  • Lameness Investigations – Most investigations can take place on your yard. This may include trot ups, flexion tests, nerve blocks, x rays and ultrasound examination.
  • Medical Investigations – such as weight loss, respiratory disease, skin disorders, eye pathologies and loss of performance. We send our bloods samples to the Laboratory in Newmarket meaning specialist advice is available when needed.
  • Castrations – Please see our fact sheets for more information.
  • Breeding – Pre-breeding examinations & tests, pregnancy diagnosis, problem mares, artificial insemination, foaling and foal care. 
  • Routine - ID and Microchips, Passports, Vaccinations, Worming, General Health Checks.
  • EMERGENCIES – all emergencies covered by our vets, 24 hours/7 days week/365 days per year.
  • Pre- purchase examinations – We offer 5 and 2 stage vettings.

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